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Peanut Butter Peanut Butter*** $6.50
Gestampte Muisjes Gestampte Muisjes*** $4.70
Perla Dark Roast 56 Perla Dark Roast 56*** $17.75
Speculoos - Crunchy Speculoos - Crunchy*** $16.75
Perla Mokka 56 Perla Mokka 56*** $17.75
Het Gouden Speculaasje Het Gouden Speculaasje*** $3.50
Pastilles Milk/White Pastilles Milk/White*** $3.99
Strooigoed Strooigoed*** $11.50
Peanut Cream and Chocolate bicuits Peanut Cream and Chocolate bicuits*** $4.75
Allerhande Assorted Biscuits Allerhande Assorted Biscuits*** $5.50
Almond Fingers (2 bonus) Almond Fingers (2 bonus)*** $3.30
Sub-Total: $95.99

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